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About Us

MJ’s Cyclery was formed by two friends who love their bikes.


Scott at MJs Cyclery

Born and raised in Redding, CA Scott began biking in 1985. He paid for his first mountain bike by working at the Chain Gang bike shop sweeping floors, occasionally building a bike, and possibly irritating the mechanics. The quality of people he met and worked with in the shop made an impression. “Bike People” would forever be his tribe.

Scott graduated from high school and left for sunny San Diego and a long stint as an undergrad at SDSU. After graduation he waited out the hiring freeze the San Diego PD had in place and in 1999 went to work as a patrol cop.

Looking to get people involved in the movement he began putting on events for the San Diego Mountain Bicycling Association and the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, mainly bicycle film premieres at local venues and were coordinated with bicycle friendly sponsors and supporters.

After 13 years as a patrol officer and being given the nickname Scott the Cop from his bike friends he left the Department but already had known for several years that he wanted to open a bike business.

After several ideas, proposals, and potential partners Scott met Jes Stephens. They became friends and riding partners. Having worked with the SoCal High School Mountain Biking League as an official since 2011 he found he and Jes had a lot in common. They both see educating our youth about the many benefits of cycling as the way to advance the acceptance of bikes by the general public.


Jes at MJs Cyclery San Diego California

Raised in the suburbs of DC, Jes doesn’t remember a time before bicycles. She started working in the industry as a sales clerk at 19 years old and has also held the titles of mechanic, merchandising manger, store manager and eventually shop owner.

At 25 Jes moved to New York City to live a car free life style. After three years of riding predominantly on paved surfaces she moved to Denver, Colorado to get back on her mountain bike. In Denver Jes met Bruce Lien of the Recycle Bicycle program and learned all about the good that is able to be done within the community while still working with bikes. She happily volunteered her time there and feels that the Liens are a second family.

For her 30th birthday she quit her job and stored some belongings in a friend’s garage and toured on her bike from San Francisco, California to Pueblo, Colorado. Returning to Colorado as the recession was hitting hard. Jes took the time to go back to school to figure out her next step. Taking classes designed for entrepreneurs Jes sat down to map out what she wanted to accomplish. San Diego is a very popular destination for bike touring and because of it’s climate it seemed like a perfect fit. She moved with the goal of opening her own shop while working more closely in her community. She worked at a shop in town but the community outreach never became a reality till she started working for herself.

In 2012 Jes formed Messy Jessie’s and worked to get her bike both into local markets. The idea was to encourage people to ride to and from the farmers markets…and maybe trick them into using their bike for more than that. She started teaching basic maintenance classes at local shops to encourage people to ride a bit further. There was an attempt to raise funds to build a bike school teaching kids mechanical skills while fixing bikes donated and eventually getting the bikes out to shelters and other community programs. The fundraiser put her in contact with some great people who have helped her to reorganize her goals while still making an impact in her community.

While attending a New Belguim “Tour de fat” pre-ride in august of 2012 Jes was introduced to Scott. Over the next year mountain bike rides would end in lunches that would map out what became MJ’s Cyclery in December of 2013.